Avocado Toast


I just want to take a moment to talk about food trends. Aside from being irritated that “bone broth” is now a buzz word, I keep hearing that avocado toast is passé.  I have a few indignant points to make on the subject.

1. We were making avocado toast before it was popular (can’t avoid our hipster cred.)

2. Penelope, for who the toast was named, moved on to spin biscuits, but a loyal following of Tod’s patrons have taken the humble avocado and hummus on thick homemade bread and embellished it with sprouts, hot sauce, eggs, or kept it pure Penelope style and flowing steadily from our line for many years.

3. Okay, I concede that too much of a good thing is no longer good *ask anyone who has ordered 2 plates of tater tots* but I prefer to think of the Penelope as a classic. Add to it, or savor the simple texture of toast, hummus, and avocado, that keeps UNCA students studying for hours.



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