change is coming


We are changing the menu. We are updating the menu.  Tod had an  existential struggle with what is change and what is blaspheme.

After arduous months of hashing and rehashing things like steak, gravy, tacos, and kimchi reubens, I am confident we have balanced our desire to elevate the menu without alienating the loyal regulars who eat Montfords and Buddha Bowls every day.

Here are some things I am particularly excited about:

Pastrami- Tom and I have been talking about integrity, and it has been killing us that we are still buying our deli meats after long ago grinding pork for our sausage and making the hot dogs  from day one.  So we will offer house pastrami in 3 new items! In the works are roasted turkey and corned beef, too.

Hearty Toast- one of the most requested things are snacks and other small plates as well as more items featuring our bangin’ bread, therefore we made up some simple, open faced sandwiches from $4-6.

Steak- we love many different kinds of protein, but a nice seared steak over fried yukons with pimento cheese and kale, hell ya.

Pimento cheese -’nuff said. Except this…pimento cheese and bacon melt.

Look for this at the end of March, until then, some new menu items will be featured as specials.




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